Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Amy Ruth's. Southern style food in Harlem NYC

Visiting the United States from Australia I wanted to eat at Amy Ruth's based on a friends recommendation. I was not disappointed and looking forward to visiting again sometime.

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Watts Cooking in Surrey Hills

We visited for Sunday brunch and were greeted by a welcoming waitress.  Our coffees were promptly served.  The cafe was really busy and I was surprised we were able to get a table for two.

I had the corn frita with avacado, bacon and mushroom.  My dish was absolutely yummy.  My only comment would be the sweet chill sauce drizzzled over my dish was too much for my savory plate.  I would have preferred the sweet chilli to be served on the side or in another dish.  My friend's big breakfast serving was yummy, enormous and real value for money.

The service was friendly and considerate.  I look forward to visiting again.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Taste Dumpling

The deep fried beans are amazing.  I would try these again!  As we waited for our dumplings to be served I noted the pork hocks (petitoes) that were being served in this bustling cafe.  At least seven plates passed by.  Not being a keen meat eater myself  I often overlook dishes like this.
A friend who has tried the hocks says it's fantastic!

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Nuts about Coffee Blackburn

Customers queuing out the door and rarely a free seat inside or out is telling enough. Well worth a visit to Blackburn. I have found myself visiting this cafe twice a day sometimes. Nuts About Coffee on Urbanspoon

Miss Marmalade Brunswick

Love the food, service and coffee. Visited three times now and never been disappointed on any level. Highly recommend!
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Holgate Brewhouse

A friend and I took a day trip to visit Hanging Rock and to check out the Holgate pub for lunch. The food was well priced and what others were eating looked tasty. There appears to be two areas for food: one for bar meals and the other a restaurant. For bar meals patrons are asked to order and pay at the bar. Here comes the back story of why I'll never go back. I and four other customers politely waited in queue only to be ignored for 20 minutes. It appeared that the bar staff gave 100% attention to those buying alcohol and only once all drinkers were taken care of did they bother to notice those who wanted to order food. Is there a hidden message here? Management want customers to only eat in the restaurant section instead? My friend's sausages were good, but not worth it for the irritation of the weird ordering system - how hard is it to have a separate POS for food and one for the bar? Or the slightly depressing feel of bland decor once you get beyond the front bar. Once my undercooked and over spiced wedges arrived I really was convinced the whole Holgate exercise was not a good one. I was wanting to try the beer tasting plate but was so disgusted from being ignored I didn't want to spend anymore money. We went because it was billed as a foodie stop. Don't think it lives up to that call.

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Jacqueline Coffee & Pastry

The owner is lovely and very chatty. The coffee is quite decent. A really pleasant experience.

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Pickled Pelican Portland

I pulled my car up in front of Pickled Pelican for a coffee. As I did, I noticed two people standing out the front having a smoke. Nothing unusual there. One of the two followed me in to the cafe and went straight behind the counter to take my order. She then proceeded to make my latte. Did I just see what I think I saw? This very person less than one minute ago was smoking. Ewww. Please wash your hands! It's food handling basics 101.

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Cru Cafe in Kew

Ended up at Cru one day, having been forgotten at Snow Pony (another story) down the road. Cafe looks deceptively cramp from the street, but actually has a lovely back courtyard. Funky and cool vibe without intimidating those of us who aren't! Friendly service. Busy place. Were told it could be a long wait on the food orders and asked if that was all right which is always appreciated. It was a late Sunday arvo lunch, so we were happy to hang.
The soy cappuccino - for the art
The Stop 80 brioche burger was fun and tasty. The coffees were good and there was no more than the usual wait for them. A side note (so my buddy can “let it go”) – she decided to go for a soy cappuccino instead of her usual soy latte - for the art. Her cap came out with “soy” written on it! Hilarious. Mine (full cream cap) had the usual brilliant feathering art. She claims discrimination as a soy drinker, on top of the 50c plus premium soy drinkers already gripe about. Added to my growing list of fav cafe choices.

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Main Street Cafe Portland

I would describe this cafe's food as simple and practical. Don't get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being described this way. Cafe food such as Main Street's has its rightful place in the hospitality industry. Sausage rolls, pies and quiche with salads are the basic and the essentials. I loved the big comfy couch and the images on the wall of Portland around 1890. The chairs and tables are simple but practical. Staff are really friendly and very chatty with the locals and regulars.

Several uses for apples you might not have known

Skimming the internet this morning I came across the below article on apples. One of the points really jumped out at me - if you have made your soup or stew too salty, boil it with apple wedges for 10 minutes. The apple will soak up the excess salt. A fun read: http://www.weekendnotes.com/unusual-uses-for-apples/

Persian Flavours - this place brings a smile to my face...

This place brings a smile to my face. It's a local family restaurant that thrives despite the odds as can be seen by its high "like" rating. Great flavours excuses the location, best described as middle of nowhere suburbia and "home style service" as described wonderfully in Maebee's review. For those who get grumpy as they get hungrier, be warned, service can be very slow, and depending on your disposition, endearingly incompetent, or madly incompetent. We thought we hit upon the perfect plan to get around the service issues and order takeaway well in advance of hunger pangs. We allowed one hour before pick up. Arrived to find the service counter in chaos and a wait of an additional 30mins! So why do I love it? The food is great. The spices in the dishes sing and is spot on. And OMG, the fresh nan/naan - plain or garlic (and undoubtedly the whole range) is to die for. The simple mint masie is a variation on the Indian raita, but for some reason, just memorable for being well done and worth every cent of the $1.80 per serve. Love the Kismish Polow (rice with sultana/burberry?, fried onion and saffron), again a simple dish done well. Everything I've tried on the menu I've loved, including the french fries! So service is slow, sometimes a bit uncoordinated, but geez, they try and for some reason you can't help but barrack for them to succeed.

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Grain Asian Cafe - neither fashionable, nor pretty...

Neither fashionable, nor pretty, this Box Hill Centro food court stalwart serves up quick and tasty rice and noodle classics like char kway teow, wonton noodles, and pork spare ribs and rice. Plus heaps more, but difficult to get past personal favourites like beef brisket with rice noodles (or try it in combination with their bouncy homemade fish balls). Grab a table, catch the eye of a wait staff and help yourself to tea and condiments from the service area. It's cash only and you pay upfront when your order is taken (they'll bring change back for you and a table number). Place can be busy, but I have always found service efficient. Not overly friendly, but attentive and polite. Great for quick fix of Cantonese comfort food and watching other hungry diners tuck in with gusto.

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